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    We Are In The Process Of Creating Our Vision

    A Beautiful High-End Studio

    Our vision at Body Art Concepts is to provide a high-end Tattoo Studio in Wilmington with a unique and inviting atmosphere. 

    Our very talented future tattoo artists will also have a vision which is to provide the highest quality Body Art. Our Artists will customize any type of Body Art design for anyone who desires a tattoo.

    At this time Body Art Concepts is looking for just the right Tattoo Artists to make our vision a reality. We are looking for Artists who can make their Artwork pop, come to life and bring out the 3D effects of true Tattooing! We want Artists whose lines are strong, consistent, bold and straight. Be able to work with multiple colors for intense shading effects. Have an imaginative and creative mind to be able to help potential clients make decisions on their forever Body Art.

    Specialized Scar Tissue Reduction And Microblading-By Appointment Only

    Now Accepting Tattoo Artists Resumes And Portfolios

    About Us

    Specializing In Scar Tissue Reduction


    Annette J. Aronson, LMBT, CEMT, owner and CEO of Body Art Concepts, has been a Neuromuscular Therapist since 1998.

    Annette specializes in scar tissue and adhesion reduction to prepare the skin's surface for the application of Body Art.

    Annette provides treatment for breast cancer survivors to reduce scar tissue and to restore muscular range of motion to the upper body. Oftentimes, women are opting to have scar tissue reduction and Body Art instead of reconstructive surgeries.

    Scar tissue reduction is the manual manipulation of the dense fibrous tissue around a well healed incision site or scarred area. This treatment is for anyone, regardless of whether Body Art is chosen or not.

    Microblading Artist-Sara Uzzell


    Sara Uzzell is our Microblading expert! She strives to give each client the most natural eyebrow shape, that is customized to each clients desired look.

    Sara is a fully certified Microblading Artist and holds a Microblading permit from the NHC Health Department.

    Sara helps each client decide on an eyebrow shape, thickness and color to achieve the absolute best brows. She takes great pride in her profession and wants each client to be 100% satisfied with their new brows.

    Tara Dunsmore Williamson


    Pink Ink Tattoo LLC, helps post-mastectomy clients regain a natural appearance with realistic areola complex, 3D nipple tattoos and Scar camouflage. Giving women that finishing touch to the long and emotional journey of breast cancer, restoring their confidence and helping them feel whole again.

    Tara is the owner of Pink Ink Tattoo. She is a Certified Areola, 3D Nipple and Scar Camouflage Tattoo Artist. Tara is a Breast Cancer Survivor, Nurse, Advocate, Speaker and Internationally recognized.

    To find out more about Tara please visit her website

    Tara's office is located in Raleigh but is willing to see clients at our Studio!

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